Carboing achieves two new certifications

We are the first mining company to obtain ISO 9001 and Oshas 18001 certifications

Carbons and Investments Inocencio Grijalba Silva S.A.S (Carboing S.A.S) is the first mining company in the interior of the country to obtain the ISO9001 and Oshas18001 certifications.

We have been certified, after an extensive process, by the firm SGS for coal extraction and supply.

These obtained certifications will help the whole sector to give it a new face, demonstrating that well-made mining if possible, that we are a source of employment, that human resources are the most important and that we are committed to their welfare and safety.

The certifications were obtained in February 2018 but the formal delivery was made in May of the same year in our plant.

We are an example for the industry and we hope that many companies also seek excellence in the processes. Although mining is a risky sector, but it can be made friendly, both internally and externally to the control and surveillance agencies.

These achievements were thanks to each one of our collaborators, who assumed the challenge of learning and documenting all the processes by creating additional controls and implementing the best safety and welfare practices.

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