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Inocencio Grijalba Silva began his coal mining activity in 1979, always with a vision of being an entrepreneur and a source of employment and a fundamental factor in the development of our native town of Samaca, Boyacá; it was there where he was one of the managers and founders of the Cooprocarbon and Cootransvalle Cooperatives promoting their development and growth, being today the main cooperatives in the area with more than 55 years of experience. At the same time, his strong courage and courage led him to work in the mining sector, going through good and bad cycles and being a generator of many jobs and benefiting many families of his entrepreneurial spirit. His name is and will be well recognized in the area where he is recognized for his love for work, his untiring way of promoting his goals and developing them, his great generosity, his selfless collaboration for others and the sincere desire that all the families of his workers were in the best way. I work on my own behalf for more than 30 years together with his eternal love: Miryam Wittinghan de Grijalba where the two worked shoulder to shoulder developing a coal mining recognized by the high standards of quality and honesty and formed a large family composed of four children; With a lot of effort and dedication they took them forward training professionals in the areas of medicine, business administration, animal husbandry and law.

After all these efforts and to meet those goals, Carbones and Inversiones Inocencio Grijalba Silva SAS - CARBOING SAS was born in 2008, linking Milena Grijalba W as Administrator, Javier Grijalba W, Logistics and Transport and Andrea Grijalba as Legal Officer. Acting as a lawyer. Milena began her training process with her father 7 years ago before the creation of the company, learning all the commercial, technical and labor management at her side, which allowed for an appropriate transition with the management of her legacy and effort.

Inocencio Grijalba Silva died on November 29, 2016, working tirelessly until the last day, being fundamental support in the development of projects and goals within the business development of CARBOING that is why it is a great pride to be part of his legacy and have been able to learn Be a part of your vision and continue to develop it.

Today we have around 80 employees, a 100% technified mining and developing high quality standards counting in the coming months with iso9001 and oshas18002 certifications as well as the management system and work safety 100% applicable to workers and your families.

With respect to the exploitation method, this is developed in accordance with standards granted by the National Mining Agency and the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia, which issue different decrees and guidelines which are inspected by them permanently. Our specific method of exploitation is called short-cut and chambers and pillars developed by means of pneumatic tools and in transport by locomotives that range from 20 to 30 cars of 1,150 tons.

One of the main flags of our company is the quality of our product which depends to a great extent on the way of exploitation and care at the time of developing the coal bite; for this, PVC pipe is used, which serves to prevent the contamination of the ore, achieving a product with low levels of ash, which is a parameter in the commercialization of the product.

Our product is a low volatile coking coal which is a key part of the mixes that are required to produce Coke coal, which is an essential product in steelmaking in the metallurgical industry.

In addition to CARBOING, the entrepreneur Inocencio Grijalba Silva was also in the land transport business for which I believe in the year 2012 the company TRANSACTIVE SAS mobilizing cargo from the interior of the country as from the respective ports of Colombia Buenaventura, Cartagena and Santa Marta inland Nowadays Javier Grijalba is the Manager of the company leading these processes with total effectiveness and confidence.

Always thinking about the wellbeing of the employees, in 2012 the Soir Miryam W de Grijalba Foundation was created, which today is led by the president of the foundation, Mrs. Miryam W de Grijalba.

Today adding efforts we have the business group composed of the three companies CARBOING, TRANSACTIVE and The Foundation Dream Miryam W de Grijalba.


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